Gjernima Donates Five Million USD to Illyrian Liberation Army

Adilim Gjernima shocked the American press when he announced this Friday that he had donated five million US dollars to the ILA  (Illyrian Liberation Army), a radical Albanian organization. The ILA advocates for the  mass expulsion of Slavs from the Balkan peninsula and the creation of an Illyrian nation which will consist of modern day Albania, Kosovo, FYROM,  Bosnia-Herzegovina  and Serbia.

The Illyrian Liberation Army, founded in July 1997 by Themistokli Hoxha, has reached over 1000 members since US president Barack Obama abandoned America’s missile defense in Eastern Europe.

Regional experts argue that support for the extremist organization has risen steadily because many Albanians believe that the ILA is the only existing organization which will help defending against a Russian or even a Serbian invasion.

Meanwhile,  Adilim Gjernima’s public image has been badly shaken in America. In the face of mounting critcism,  the young entrepreneur promised that he would explain himself very soon.

Public Intellectual Noam Chomsky commented:

“Hmm! Russia has nice literature. There is no reason why the Slavic motherland should be destroyed. ILA’s claims on Russia pulling the world economy’s strings are completely false. I don’t think that the Slavs were responsible for 9/11 either.”

Gjernima’s good friend, entertainer/magician Penn Jillette:

This is outrageous!   He used to be a nice guy until  he jumped the shark and allied with terrorists.  Adilim Gjernima is bullshit!

Hans Blix, an UN official:

Russia is going to face serious consequences if it doesn’t give up its illegal settlements on Illyrian territory.

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