Adilim Gjernima Explains us his Refusal to Date Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton - AlbaniaMr Gjernima, could you explain us why are you refusing to date Paris Hilton?

First of, she’s not even that pretty. Actually, she’s ugly and stupid. Her eyes are fake and she’s skinnier than those stray dogs who used to roam around my old village in Kurvelesh.  So I’d rather date the doctors who have redone her face…

Beauty is only skin deep, Mr Gjernima.

I fear that under Paris Hilton’s skin there is nothing else but bones. But she might pose for my malnutrition awareness program’s posters if she wants to, preferably naked.

Naked? So you’d like to see her naked after all!

No, I don’t. If I really wanted to, I could download some of her videos. But the image of a  naked, malnourished  blonde billionaire might inspire 3rd world countries into better parenting  programs.

Now if you’d excuse me, I will have to attend an albanian politics conference.

Of course. Thank you for sharing your insight with us, Mr Gjernima!

You’re welcome.